Shri. H.S. Shah college of commerce, modasa



The old student association of this college is an active informal organ was born in 20003-2004 yet it is in childhood but ambitious to be a strong ,dynamic, visionary & mission oriented organization for the betterment present & past hscc-ites and parent institution .It has a small fund developed from membership fees of 135 lifetime members & 400 annual members . Annual gathering & several activities are the chief programmers at present. It is active to include all the past students of HSCC, who are spread all over the country and abroad.


To provide a platform for cooperation with each other for individual’s educational, social & cultural development and thereby accelerate the nation building process of our developing economy.


To provide the platform for exchanging the ideas, feeling of fraternity amongst it members & alumni and present students of HSCC and other institution run by M.L.Gandhi Higher education Society.

1. To provide opportunities to generate alliance of working in the same business as well social field of the society strengthen each other for the better development.

2. To organize various activities like talk, seminar workshop & group discussion on the topical of general interest.

3. To provide support in all respect to Parent College who shaped us in a best possible way.

4. To organize various fund raising activities.

5. To utilize the available resources of college for personal development.

Activities at glance:-

  • About 200 members meet each other at the annual gathering.
  • Memorandum of Association is ready.
  • Ad hoc board meet at least thrice in a year.
  • OSA had a donated two gold plated medals to first ranker student of T.Y.B.Com &M.Com part-2.


All HSCC-iets are requested to enroll their life membership and make a live contact with OSA ,

OSA form is also available.